AltaVista: Mountain nightfall…

As of today, has been officially shut down and is just another redirect to your „local“ Yahoo! starting page. Who cares? Not many. Which possibly is one of the problems, considering used to be the predominant search engine for quite a while back then before we saw the rise of Google. And, all technological and product strategy aspects of things aside, there is a personal point of looking

Yahoo! – Tumblr, Flickr and then some… ?

If you think Facebooks acquisition of Instagram involved an incredibly large amount of money, think again: As of yesterday, Yahoo! has announced to acquire Tumblr for an amount of money even larger. Things to follow are more or less as expected: Y!’s Marissa Mayer promises to not screw things up and some sites, such as, obviously sees the first users fleeing from Tumblr in course of that. Hmmm. I