SAP MaxDB on Docker

Using containers for development and testing environments is pretty much state of the art these days. This way, developers and operations guys alike are able to gain speed by reducing the time wasted on handling various infrastructural aspects just to be able to work at all. Consequently, a load of applications and runtime environments are already available to run inside containers – but not all. SAP MaxDB is on our

wrap-up: neo4j meetup, Dresden, 2013-06-25

I’ve been for quite a while into what they use to call „NoSQL databases“ these days, even while we still heavily rely upon infrastructure which is anything else than NoSQL – not a bad thing, overally, I guess half the software developing world still does. Yet, I’ve always been interested in approaches offered by „non-relational“ database systems, and be that for the (obvious) idea that maybe there’s problems that aren’t

Reading „Programming The Semantic Web“

I’ve already been writing about one of Toby Segarans books in the past. Remembering these days, I have been pretty enthusiastic regarding both his style of writing and his style of providing people with knowledge. It’s nice seeing this happen again also dealing with another book of his, „Programming the semantic web“. At the moment, for various reasons, I am into refreshing some of my knowledge related to ontologies, RDF,