Linux, developers and users…

Ralf has literally been asking for a flame war writing about “Why aren’t we all using Linux?”. Since I’m also a GNU/Linux enthusiast and administrator of Windows XP desktop machines, since I also used to help selling computers with both GNU/Linux and Windows earlier in my life, just a few thoughts on that if you […]

Doin’ the HOP

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Über den schockwellenreiter bin ich gestern auf helma aufmerksam geworden, einen JavaScript – basiertes Web-Anwendungs – Framework, auf dessen Basis wohl auch die Weblog-Plattform aufbaut (die ihre Erweiterungen übrigens mittlerweile auch unter einer OpenSource – Lizenz freigegeben haben). Naja, wie es nunmal so geht: Paket herunterladen, extrahieren, starten, und schon macht sich eine gewisse […]

useful tools: sqleonardo

Being heavily into messing around with SQL databases lately, I’ve spent quite some time in anger about the fact that the powerful open-source database MaxDB (formerly known as SAPDB and now distributed by both SAP and MySQL AB), though being “cross-platform” at least in a limited way (running atop GNU/Linux and MS Windows), just provides […]