cyrus imapd: shared folder hierarchy recovery

Fought a half-day fight battling with our local Cyrus IMAPd installment. And talking complexity again: We’re using right this mail server implementation because it provides extensive support for shared folders and per-folder access control lists allowing for pretty fine-grained, well, control of user access to shared mail folders. ACLs indeed do add complexity to that, however, and this is what, in the end, seems to have enabled one of our

jvisualvm: analyzing NetBeans and beyond…

As I am usually doing day-to-day work using daily builds of the NetBeans IDE, then and now I happen to run into, let’s say, peculiar situations in which figuring out what actually happens is pretty difficult. My very special friend #162706 is one of these cases – the IDE just seems busy for quite a while without obvious reasons, and you’re not really sure whether there still is something goin‘

small-time SOA: lessons learnt so far…

Some time ago, in the midst of migrating at least parts of our application from an all-integrated proprietary monolith to a more „open“ approach, we quickly came to embracing at least parts of the SOA architectural model to do so, as, these days, it just seemed to fit. Now, few years later, it seems we already learnt something from that, a few things, to be accurate, which I want to

„Dafür zahl ich nicht!“

An sich bin ich bekennender Unterstützer der Idee öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkes, weil ich der Meinung bin, daß auch in der Welt von Radio und Fernsehen, die ja als Medium immer noch vorrangig die Masse der Menschen erreicht, neben dem allgegenwärtigen geisttötenden Schwachsinn zumindest im Hinblick auf Nachrichten noch ein Gegenpol existieren sollte, der Ansprüchen wie Seriösität, Objektivität oder Vollständigkeit genügt. Trotzdem bekomme ich im Hinblick auf etwa ‚mein Drittes‘ regelmäßig Krämpfe,

NetBeans 6.7: still the only (maven2) IDE you’ll ever need…

Now that NetBeans 7.0 6.7 is just around the corner and comes with a set of interesting improvements, I wanted to take a few moments again reflecting what has eventually been most important to me in NetBeans IDE: Support for apache maven. Earlier I switched to NetBeans after being using Eclipse for quite a while because Maven2 tooling in Eclipse used to, well, leave a lot to be desired.

enabling equinox osgi console on tomcat/linux

At the moment I am heavily into playing around with server-sided OSGi, mainly to get knee-deep into the Eclipse RAP plaform for a given use case, and I already had to experience quite some pain resulting from the requirement to have a RAP application packed to a .war file and deployed to a local application server (Glassfish V3 Prelude in our testbed system). The innoopract RAP blog has a short

Songbird: 1.0

They’ve gone quite a long way: Songbird, the open-source cross platform music player based upon the technical foundation of Mozilla, finally has seen its 1.0.0 release, available for download for Windows, Linux and MacOS, along with a set of contributed builds both for other platforms and packaged for specific GNU/Linux distributions. Like any other Mozilla based applications, Songbird also allows for wide extensibility using addons ready and waiting to be

XFCE 4.4.3 on OpenSolaris 2008.11 pre-release

Playing with OpenSolaris once again, I surely also wanted to make use of my favorite desktop environment XFCE on that platform. Unfortunately, so far there are no up-to-date XFCE binary packages available to easily be installed using either IPS or the „traditional“ Solaris way. Same way, just does list a set of Linux packages along with a link to which seems to be stuch at XFCE 4.2, neither

Glassfish V3 Prelude comin‘ to life…

As of today, November 6, release V3 Prelude of the Glassfish Application Server is about to be officially announced, putting an end to quite a long period of development, testing and documentation writing. To get GFv3 Prelude started in an appropriate way, Sun and Glassfish folks today are hosting a Glassfish Day consisting of a vast load of screencast presentations on numerous aspects interesting and/or relevant about this next milestone