fun with broken tools

I think I have been ranting about that before, already, and… for whatever it’s worth, then and now again I stumble across the same things that keep bugging me in an unbelievable way. Dealing with proprietary programming languages, most notably the one used in the document management software we used to buy a couple of years ago, is one of these „funny“ experiences, in several dimensions…

a better mouse trap #1: persistence, document storage and couchdb

Ever considered building a better mouse trap? Well. I do, actually, each and every day anew. I will leave out most of the more in-depth considerations related to this, as for now they don’t matter – the only thing worth knowing, initially, is that the process of „migrating“, „updating“, „rebuilding“, … an existing, fairly complex application system is something that is painful beyond all imagination, and this even while „just“

Locked in?

Es dürfte dem einen oder anderen nicht verborgen geblieben sein, daß ich das Gros meiner Tage damit verbringe, Software in einer In-House – Umgebung gleichermaßen zu betreiben, zu entwickeln und auch, irgendwie, in ihrer langfristigen Ausrichtung und Entwicklung zu planen. Ich bin seit ehedem Anhänger der Idee „Freier Software“ (mit großem „F“, wie in „Freie Rede“, nicht wie in „Freibier“…) oder, wenn pragmatischer, technischer, zumindest des Ansatzes von Open-Source-Software-Entwicklung, im

Why HP/Palm webOS should be open(-sourc)ed…

Those who have been reading this blog for a little longer eventually might know I’m pretty enthusiastic about Open Source both due to pragmatic and to „philosophic“ reasons of this approach, and eventually I tend to „demand“ software to be released as open source eventually a little more often than necessary or appropriate. However, in case of webOS, the cell / smart phone application platform initially invented by Palm and

digging into the Palm Pre…

After being with my K800i for more than three years, indeed I wonder why actually get a new cell phone, why bother dealing with syncing contacts, configurations, … between two devices again? Well, while being a good, reliable, stable device, there are some things about the K800i that have come to bother me, recently, and subsequently are the features I’d like to see in a successor. Some of them, in

C# and mono: getting some feet wet…

Well, some of the readers of these pages will have noticed that, carefully speaking, my enthusiasm for Microsoft technology is pretty limited. „Limited“ indeed is the right way of putting it: While I have a clear opinion about most of Microsofts monopoly regarding desktop and office software (which, in the end, makes me avoid both as good as I can, and thanks at the very least to Ubuntu GNU/Linux, right

UI tooling and beyond in NetBeans and Eclipse(4)

Whoever is reading this weblog more or less regularly will have noticed that I am an enthusiastic user of NetBeans for most of my development needs, and this holds true even now that, given a current project of ours, I have to switch IDE at least once daily, as we do a project based on Eclipse Rich Ajax Platform and NetBeans, as comes as no surprise, is not too good

„Programming Collective Intelligence“: Python, data mining, machine learning and a little more…

Simply put: „Programming Collective Intelligence“ is one of the most outstanding publications related to IT and software development I’ve been reading in a while. Given some of our business use case, at the moment I am a little deeper into dealing with analyzing (and, subsequently) making decisions and suggestions out of data somehow linked to users in our environment (for the obvious reason of both making our work a little

proprietary systems, vendor lock-in, developer frustation

Sometimes you just end up frustrated beyond belief: Being into software development / architecture, reading and keeping yourself up-to-date is an essential part of your work. Likewise, you generally tend to be (maybe a little too) enthusiastic about new technologies, as in most cases, while stumbling across new technology, new approaches and concepts, you might see new solutions that might provide an elegant, powerful, or maybe simply more sane way