Der zweite Monat des Jahres sieht in Dresden den ersten richtigen Schnee des Winters. Die Straßen sind matschig, die Autofahrer nervös, die vereinzelt auch in dieser Jahreszeit durchhaltenden Radfahrer auch. Nichts Neues also. Für die nächste Zeit ist schon wieder wärmeres Wetter angekündigt. Die Tage werden länger, man hat wieder eine Chance, den Weg von und zum Büro bei Sonnenlicht hinter sich zu bringen, was nicht ohne Einfluss auf Stimmung

Changing networking behaviour, two weeks later

In light of #deletefacebook, I spent the last two weeks trying to change my behaviour in working with social networks and online media to make less use of „large“ established services and be more careful about tools and technologies I access on a daily basis, or even more frequently. It’s been (and still is) an interesting trip, with a lot of light but also quite a bunch of issues that

Wrap-Up: Tech Summit 2017

Earlier last week, my team and I attended the thinkproject! group technology summit. Taking place in Berlin during November 13 to 15, this event focussed on getting technical teams throughout the whole group together, getting people to know each other and helping strong teams getting started building great products together in a collaborative way. As a tech team and a company, we’ve been into this since 2011 so such an

Small-scale microservices in the wild (1): Anachronistic monoliths

Microservices are all over these days. So are frameworks to build different „microservices“ from scratch, and so are infrastructure and runtime components to help getting real-life application environments built out of microservices. Using small components to build larger, more complex applications seems so incredibly much the de-facto standard of how to work these days that we tend to apply this pattern to each and every problem at hand. Depending upon

GNOME: 18 and moving

Well, what do you know: The GNOME Unix desktop project is about to celebrate its 18th ‚birthday‘, anniversary, … by tomorrow, August 15, 2015. I guess there’s more interesting news these days, and I also just noticed while incidentially stumbling across the GNOME web site earlier this morning…

JavaScript Library Hell

After being into software development now for almost 20 years, counting in student days, these days I have to admit I spent most of this time, and especially most of my „productive“ work on the server side using Perl and Java, with Python and shell scripting always being around as tooling things but never as real first-choice languages. Through these years, also my perceptions of architecture, technology and, actually, using

Jetty, Micro Services and re-shaping things.

Last week, the Java part of our system went productive after a major runtime update – and it did so not on top of the Glassfish application server we’ve been using so far but rather re-structured into multiple modules embedding a current version of Eclipse Jetty. This is a fairly large change and quite a step, still sort of a work in progress and, after all, once again something worth

AltaVista: Mountain nightfall…

As of today, has been officially shut down and is just another redirect to your „local“ Yahoo! starting page. Who cares? Not many. Which possibly is one of the problems, considering used to be the predominant search engine for quite a while back then before we saw the rise of Google. And, all technological and product strategy aspects of things aside, there is a personal point of looking

a better mousetrap #2: RESTing HATEOAS

Eventually a rather short thought relating to my attempt trying to, well, build a better mouse trap. Maybe in course of exploring things and slowly growing a technical environment into something new, there’s always the chance of discovering a show-stopper to immediately prove a given approach limited or even wrong altogether, but at the moment, I am pretty much entertained by following HATEOAS and HTTP ‚ideas‘ for building an (external,