LibreSaaS (revisited)

„With Microsoft acquiring github a few days ago, distrust in large platforms and platform operators in parts of the community once again gets even worse than it has been before, following events such as Facebooks Cambridge Analytica affair. Looking around in my tech filter bubble which is pretty much dominated by people from a FLOSS, security, privacy background, there seems only one valid way of dealing with such issues once and for all: Decentralize, at all costs. Run your own software, host your own data, keep everything you need under your own control. Plain and simple. And, same as plain and simple: I don’t think that’s going to work. …“

Proposing a GNU Social Network Manifesto?

Reading through the GNU Free Software philosophy once again, I wonder whether, right now in the current disputes surrounding Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and the quest for a more „open“ social network environment, we might need just something like the GNU philosophy for social networks, too? I mean, after all, having „open-source“ social network implementations like Mastodon, Diaspora* or GNUSocial is pretty nice but it seems to somehow miss the point:

Changing networking behaviour, two weeks later

In light of #deletefacebook, I spent the last two weeks trying to change my behaviour in working with social networks and online media to make less use of „large“ established services and be more careful about tools and technologies I access on a daily basis, or even more frequently. It’s been (and still is) an interesting trip, with a lot of light but also quite a bunch of issues that

#deletefacebook won’t fix anything.

Ok, here we go again… Following the Cambridge Analytics ‚incident‘, almost predictably we see #deletefacebook popping up all across most of the social media channel, with several more or less familiar names out there stating that perhaps now it’s time to completely delete your account on worlds biggest social media platform and move elsewhere. It happened before and it possibly will happen again. And again, it possibly will remain a

Offenheit und Alternativen im Cloud-Zeitalter?

Aus bekannten Gründen habe ich mich in den letzten Tagen wieder recht intensiv mit offenen Kommunikationskanälen, Messengern, sozialen Netzen und dergleichen beschäftigt, mich durch meine zahllosen Accounts geklickt und letztlich resigniert wieder davon abgelassen. Es kostet Zeit, ist anstrengend und bringt an vielen Stellen nichts. Das gegenwärtige Durcheinander mit diesen Tools resultiert vorrangig aus der Geschlossenheit und dem Umstand, dass man im schlimmsten Fall zwei Hände voll von Anwendungen nutzt,