elementary OS “Luna”: Linux UI, revisited?

After making it through the usual social media channels for quite a while now, elementary OS 0.2 “Luna” has been released a couple of days ago. There is an in-depth article on that on the elementary OS blog which is really worth reading. Personally I stumbled across elementary a while ago on Google+, partially because … Read more elementary OS “Luna”: Linux UI, revisited?

wrap-up: neo4j meetup, Dresden, 2013-06-25

I’ve been for quite a while into what they use to call “NoSQL databases” these days, even while we still heavily rely upon infrastructure which is anything else than NoSQL – not a bad thing, overally, I guess half the software developing world still does. Yet, I’ve always been interested in approaches offered by “non-relational” database systems, and be that for the (obvious) idea that maybe there’s problems that aren’t easily or effectively solvable using relational database systems. neo4j is one of the more interesting pieces of technology on that list, and so attending the neo4j tutorial and meet-up held at buschmais in late June, 2013, was quite a pleasant experience…

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