opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #2: tools and packages

Faster than I thought… Fixed my broken X server pretty quickly, and by the way learning how to boot up OpenSolaris into maintaineance / single-user mode (as this unfortunately is not there as a default recovery option in the grub configuration but rather easy to do nevertheless). Using the xorg.conf I copied off my Xubuntu … Read more opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #2: tools and packages

opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #1: post installation impressions

Following an extensive discussion on evolving around the question whether Suns OpenSolaris distribution is just a bad GNU/Linux distribution, I once again did a chance downloading a recent build off, installed with the motivation of trying to use it in everyday work for a couple of times to see where it gets me. … Read more opensolaris-yet-again-notes, #1: post installation impressions

XFCE 4.4.3 on OpenSolaris 2008.11 pre-release

Playing with OpenSolaris once again, I surely also wanted to make use of my favorite desktop environment XFCE on that platform. Unfortunately, so far there are no up-to-date XFCE binary packages available to easily be installed using either IPS or the “traditional” Solaris way. Same way, just does list a set of Linux packages along with a link to which seems to be stuch at XFCE 4.2, neither including Thunar file manager nor many of the more interesting features in 4.4.x series of the lightweight desktop environment. What to do? No problem it seems, as there is a “generic” Unix installer, basically some sort of shell script unpacking everything that is needed, checking that all that is needed is actually there and, then, building things in the right order. So far, so good…

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