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Locked in?

Es dürfte dem einen oder anderen nicht verborgen geblieben sein, daß ich das Gros meiner Tage damit verbringe, Software in einer In-House – Umgebung gleichermaßen zu betreiben, zu entwickeln und auch, irgendwie, in ihrer langfristigen Ausrichtung und Entwicklung zu planen. Ich bin seit ehedem Anhänger der Idee „Freier Software“ (mit großem „F“, wie in „Freie Rede“, nicht wie in „Freibier“…) oder, wenn pragmatischer, technischer, zumindest des Ansatzes von Open-Source-Software-Entwicklung, im

SAP, open-ness and moving to Oracle?

There have been a couple of different posts in various SAP related blogs recently, as well as some responses by non-SAP(?) folks, dealing with Java technology (especially in light of the ongoing acquisition of Sun Microsoystems by Oracle), open standards and „open-ness“ in general, it seems. Looking at this through the eyes of someone who is professionally using a dedicated piece of SAP technology (its database environment SAP MaxDB), a

On community contributing documentation and the benefits of „intuitive use“

As some might know, I have been involved with the NetBeans Community Docs project for quite a while now. I have been using NetBeans IDE same way for quite a while, and I used to contribute a couple of documentation and articles on „interesting“ topics to the NetBeans Community Docs project in the past. By now, however, I can’t help feeling the project slowly loosing momentum, I have a couple