Making sense of JavaScript (1)

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Well I am unsure if I’ll ever really enjoy using JavaScript. But, good thing is that I do not really need it so far, am in the comfortable situation of just trying to do so out of curiosity and for my own entertainment. And after all, given my earlier rant on this, I have to […]

eclipse+maven2: still a rough ride…

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Once you get back to trying… After using NetBeans IDE for the past couple of years mainly (even though not only) for its excellent support of projects based upon the maven2 build tool, right now I am into developing an Eclipse RAP based user interface, thus using (obviously) Eclipse IDE for this purpose. As running […]

On community contributing documentation and the benefits of “intuitive use”

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As some might know, I have been involved with the NetBeans Community Docs project for quite a while now. I have been using NetBeans IDE same way for quite a while, and I used to contribute a couple of documentation and articles on “interesting” topics to the NetBeans Community Docs project in the past. By […]

jvisualvm: analyzing NetBeans and beyond…

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As I am usually doing day-to-day work using daily builds of the NetBeans IDE, then and now I happen to run into, let’s say, peculiar situations in which figuring out what actually happens is pretty difficult. My very special friend #162706 is one of these cases – the IDE just seems busy for quite a […]

Sun, Oracle and the need for open source… [updated]

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Times are changing it seems: Not that long ago we were wondering about whether or not IBM eventually would buy Sun Microsystems and, if so, what this could possibly mean to many of the pretty good Sun software products like the NetBeans IDE, the Glassfish Application Server or the mySQL database server. Oh well… and […]

Columba: How to revive an open-source project?

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Almost two years ago, maintainers of the Columba Mail mail client announced the end of their project due to obvious reasons (lack of time, being busy in “real life). Looking at some screenshots and the overall maturity of this (Java/Swing based) application, seeing this one being passed away that soon is rather sad – there’s […]