filesharing and economy

Thanks to the kind folks on the FreeCulture mailing list, I just came across a paper created and published by David Blackburn, being a student at Harvard Department of Economics, who tried to study the effect of (music) filesharing on the music industry and record sales. Personally, I think his results are interesting yet not that much of a surprise. Quoting from slashdot: … [the paper] concludes that it [filesharing]

Kultur-Technologie Podcasts

Wer es noch nicht weiß: Telepolis ist immer lesenswert. Momentan findet sich dort ein ausführlicher und sehr gelungener Artikel zum Thema Podcasting und den Folgen dieser Technologie auf die Musik-Szene und insbesondere -industrie. Schon im Eingang spricht mir der Autor aus der Seele: …Das Formatradio als Allheilmittel für die Quote und als Beschaller der Massen, die Radio nur nebenbei hören, hat eine keimfreie Zone geschaffen, die von mehr und mehr

Kill Bill’s Browser

There has been quite some motion recently talking about web browsers and why switching from Microsoft’s „blue e“ to some other browser like Mozilla, Firefox or, perhaps sooner or later Flock, some browser which is more up-to-date, more compliant to recent standards and technologies, more secure and perhaps more usable than MS Internet Explorer ever was. We’ve seen W3Junkie’s Too Cool For IE campaign (which basically addresses the fact that

GNU/Solaris gaining speed

Quite some time has passed since SUN Microsystems announced to release core components of their Solaris operating under an open-source compatible licensing, thus opening doors wide for the Open Source community to adopt the system and create „open soure Solaris“ distributions. Now the first downloadable version of Nexenta is here. Though being called „alpha 1“ and thus pretty preliminary, Nexenta Elatte is available as an installation- same as a live

cultural technology

After once again booting into the Copy4Freedom GNU/Linux Live CD this evening, I am once again ending thinking about technology and its role in culture and society and, probably this is a place as good as any for writing down some thoughts on that topic… Basically, after being into all this computer and „IT“ stuff for quite a bunch of years now, I am still fascinated by all the possibilities

a new kind of Thunder(bird)

Sometimes a very specific needs makes us challenge the tools we use for everyday work… For quite some time now I’ve been a happy user of the Mozilla Thunderbird mail user agent which prove to both reliably handle my fairly huge everday mail traffic, most important including powerful filtering mechanisms to get mail sorted, junk and spam removed. After trying to do my weekly backup, however, I discovered that my

welcome: flock!

For all those who still haven’t found a browser of their choice, maybe the new kid on the block is what you’re looking for: Flock aims at being a web-browser / blogging / bookmark-keeping / whatever tool to „…smooth out some of the more hairy parts of living and working online…“. Under the hood you’ll find a modified Firefox browser, containing extensions allowing for handling bookmarks through, posting pictures

Patenter Irrsinn, Teil (n+1)

Na also, warum denn nicht gleich so: Wie uns gewisse Lobbyverbände seit geraumer Zeit einzureden versuchen, sind Patente auf Software, Algorithmen, Datenstrukturen und alles, was irgendwie im entferntesten damit zu tun hat, eine gute Sache. Ebenfalls eine gute Sache ist XML, im weitesten Sinne eine über Rechnersysteme und Anwendungen hinweg portable Technologie zur Beschreibung von Daten, Kommunikation und so weiter. Technisch gesehen ist XML ein Nachfolger von SGML, einer seit

IM is dead?

I remember quite well some years ago when slowly getting into both GNU/Linux and „the internet“ as a whole bunch of interesting technologies and means of communication, I struggled quite a lot to get a really working, free-as-in-free-speech client for ICQ instant messaging system up and running. Some years later, this has changed drastically; now bunches of good, free clients are available for ICQ same as other instant messaging services,