Celluloide: return of the 1980s synths?

Some days earlier, I just stumbled across ‘words once said’, the debut album by French electronic / synth-pop group Celluloide. And I wonder what’s all the big thing about so-called “future pop”, again: Celluloide perfectly know how to create rather old-school electronic music, mostly using analog synthesizers and sound patterns that might make you remember … Read more Celluloide: return of the 1980s synths?

Unearthing Machinery: White Nois Stasis

Music for all those who dare to go beyond what is being sold in (online) music stores: “The Garden Of Unearthed Machines” by White Nois Stasis is another great piece of net audio released under a CreativeCommons license and available on archive.org, another manifestation of original electronic music, yet somewhat different to what you’re probably … Read more Unearthing Machinery: White Nois Stasis

YouTube und vergessene Schätze…

Wer hätte gedacht, daß diese Site wirklich irgendeinen Nutzen haben könnte: Wie ich jüngst entdecken durfte, ist die Clip- / was-auch-immer – Plattform YouTube nicht nur eine Sammlung aller möglichen und unmöglichen Artefakte der um sich greifenden Fähigkeiten von Mobiltelefonen, neben Telefonie auch Videos zu erzeugen, sondern daneben auch eine Quelle für Musik-Videos aller Art, … Read more YouTube und vergessene Schätze…

noisy electronics: Forbidden Society

My current favorite talking about noisy electronic sound somewhere between breakcore and really dark ambient surely is Forbidden Society, which I discovered first while listening to the darkstep.org “DSL 2” sampler which can be downloaded free of charge here and, besides a bunch of other cool songs, also features “the master”, probably the best one … Read more noisy electronics: Forbidden Society