Der vierte Monat des Jahres ist ins Land gegangen, mit dem für die Jahreszeit üblichen durchwachsenen Wetter, viel Sonne, viel Wind, wenig Regen, vereinzeltem Schnee an einem Samstag im forstbotanischen Garten zu Tharandt und teils ausgeprägter Kälte an der Grenze zwischen den Wochen. April und früher Mai, das sind die Monate, in denen seit jeher … Read moreBaumwipfel


Der zweite Monat des Jahres sieht in Dresden den ersten richtigen Schnee des Winters. Die Straßen sind matschig, die Autofahrer nervös, die vereinzelt auch in dieser Jahreszeit durchhaltenden Radfahrer auch. Nichts Neues also. Für die nächste Zeit ist schon wieder wärmeres Wetter angekündigt. Die Tage werden länger, man hat wieder eine Chance, den Weg von … Read moreFebruarschnee

Kalouv: Raindrops and transformations

I then and now have been writing about artists and releases on the Brazilian Sinewave netlabel, and even though I didn’t do so in quite a while, my interest in their doings hasn’t at all vanished as, however they manage to do so, Sinewave folks keep on featuring incredibly dense, interesting releases, appearing to me to be one of the best post-rock / experimental netlabels out to date. Pluvero, the latest album by Kalouv, is no exception here…

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music to code to, #2: Blame and sounds of water

Depending upon the very mood, I am into different kinds of music throughout my (working) days, and for quite a while, all kinds of electronic stuff has been close to top my my list, including both a couple of more familiar names and stuff which might be considered pretty much “unknown” these days, for whichever … Read moremusic to code to, #2: Blame and sounds of water

music to code to, #1: noisy psilosophy

In course of finding music to listen to while working through my evenings recently, a while ago I discovered, an astounding site providing wagon loads of legally downloadable EPs, singles and full length albums mainly featuring more or less unknown bands playing all kinds of music from dark / gothic rock to more extreme … Read moremusic to code to, #1: noisy psilosophy

Botany Bay: summer dreams, music noir, trippy ambiance…

Once in a while you tend to stumble across music accidentially, music which seems way out of the genres you usually deal with… and yet, it works. Something like this happened to me when discovering Botany Bay on, a platform I have been frequently using the last couple of years for various reasons. Reading tags like “pop”, “triphop”, “postrock” or “folk” weren’t really what I was looking for, but I decided to listen to it nevertheless, and, after listening to “inhale” and “moon child”, I knew I wouldn’t be likely to get this music out of my player anytime soon. Ordered both albums (as I didn’t want them to be in my collection “just” as mp3 files burned to disc), enjoyed the cover artwork, enjoyed the music, even though, as my musical tastes tend to differ, I can’t listen to the same stuff all the time…

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