Goin‘ KDE.

Putting action where the mouth is, I guess: At the very least with its 4.x release, I then and now considered the K Desktop Environment (KDE) to be the most technically advanced at least amongst the Open Source / Software Libre desktop systems. Took me a while to actually adopt it for day-to-day use. However, that time is now I guess.

XFCE 4.6: lean, usable, appealing.

It’s been quite a while… Apart from some short-term distractions (like playing with KDE2 for a short amount of time), I have been using the XFCE desktop pretty much ever since the early days of its 3.x incarnation, these days mainly looking at it as the thing it initially was intended to be: a fully-fledged open-source clone of the CDE desktop for use with operating systems like GNU/Linux. Given I

e-17 ubuntu repositories… :)

Just stumbled across a site providing builds of the infamous enlightenment DR 17 (aka e-17) window manager for various releases of the Ubuntu GNU/Linux distribution. Look here, modify your sources.list and experience one of the still most ambitious window manager projects to date. 😉

Linux, developers and users…

Ralf has literally been asking for a flame war writing about „Why aren’t we all using Linux?“. Since I’m also a GNU/Linux enthusiast and administrator of Windows XP desktop machines, since I also used to help selling computers with both GNU/Linux and Windows earlier in my life, just a few thoughts on that if you dare to read on… 🙂

Crashing into Xen

Well that’s what I call extensive… HowToForge has an excellent article on getting Cambrigde’s Xen Virtual Machine Monitor installed and running on Debian GNU/Linux or recent versions of Ubuntu. Some weeks earlier I saw a demo of Xen running off a live cd provided by some German magazine (guess it must have been FreeX) and was kinda impressed seeing a virtual Debian host same as a NetBSD installation booting up

Eine Frage der Frage

Mittlerweile seit einiger Zeit bin ich im deutschen Team von Ubuntu Linux gelistet als jemand, der bei Fragen zu Installation, Konfiguration, Einsatz der Distribution jederzeit gern zur Verfügung steht. Als jemand, der ich selbst eher Nutzer denn Entwickler bin und vermutlich auch mittelfristig bleiben werde, sehe ich darin eine der wenigen Möglichkeiten für mich, in der Community, deren Software ich letztlich selbst tagtäglich nutze, zumindest ein klein wenig mitzuwirken. Daß