Prototyping think project! SOAP clients with Jython

Though I mostly use (server-sided) Java technology in my day-to-day work, I am then and now intrigued by Python as a straightforward, accessible scripting language which is easy to learn, easy to teach and immensely powerful in many situations. However, there are situations in which I just wished to have frameworks from the Java world available in Python… SOAP, to start with. Fortunately, Jython has been around for quite a while now, being a (re-)implementation of Python on top of the Java virtual machine, allowing for doing just that. And as we’re already using this in our internal development for certain purposes (Jython scripts to extend existing Java applications), I finally wanted to see how things work the other way ’round (using Java modules to enhance Python apps running in Jython). Here we go…

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jython in webapps and better scripting support

For quite a while now we’ve been using Jython, a (re-)implementation of the Python programming language that runs on top of the Java VM and along the lines of JSR-223 (Scripting for the Java Platform), in our environment to deal with some use cases which addressed way easier using a scripting language than, in example, using Java code inside a webapp. However, so far our integration left a lot to be desired, so it was about time to get this things improved somehow.

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