a better mousetrap #5: a Couch potatoes take on transports

As pointed out in my last post, I am about to dive a little deeper into our prototypical, experimental usage of Apache CouchDB in an environment which is a bit off the typical “web application” use case yet seems not all too bad a thing to use a technology like CouchDB for. Meet the “transport engine”.

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a better mousetrap #2: RESTing HATEOAS

Eventually a rather short thought relating to my attempt trying to, well, build a better mouse trap. Maybe in course of exploring things and slowly growing a technical environment into something new, there’s always the chance of discovering a show-stopper to immediately prove a given approach limited or even wrong altogether, but at the moment, I am pretty much entertained by following HATEOAS and HTTP ‘ideas’ for building an (external, internal, whatever) system interface all anew. Why?

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