Soundtrack: Red Fog – „199 Broken Light Tubes“ – exploring the world that is to be reached following the stairs down into the ruins we left behind.

machine meditation #12: the seagull and the old crane

Soundtrack: Fabrizio Paterlini – „Viandanze“ (off the Viandanze EP available via Paterlini is great music to write code to, and it works out for playing with images, as well. The usual machine meditation approach, once again, in some way. An image I somehow got hold of. Little postprocessing. And quietness of a moment.

machine meditation #10: point of control

Soundtrack: Anna Rose Carter & Pleq – „A mirror sitting“. Quietness. Suspended machinery. Artifacts emitting silence, in some way. Feeling tired today, also in some way.

music to code to, #2: Blame and sounds of water

Depending upon the very mood, I am into different kinds of music throughout my (working) days, and for quite a while, all kinds of electronic stuff has been close to top my my list, including both a couple of more familiar names and stuff which might be considered pretty much „unknown“ these days, for whichever reasons. Blame definitely belongs to the latter kind of artists on my list, a band/project