Wintergrau mit Sonne

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Der erste Monat des Jahres liegt hinter uns. Er begann unterkühlt, mit über mehrere Tage defekter Heizungsanlage, kalter Wohnung, kaltem Wasser. Man heizt notdürftig elektrisch, flieht früh ins Bett. Lernt die kleinen Alltäglichkeiten wieder zu schätzen – und gleichermaßen das Dilemma des Stadtmenschen verstehen, dem in diesem Fall eben nicht einfach der Griff zurück zum […]

flowers became screens?

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Soundtrack: Erratic – “Activation Fields”. Minimal netaudio electronics, again, in my opinion rather well suiting the mood of these abandoned devices out there in the weather.

winter comes

Soundtrack: Covenant – “Winter Comes” … seeing the snow quietly cover the world surrounding our office building…


Soundtrack: Halo Effect – “one million lights” don’t know why, the mood of the song just somehow seemed to fit… I remember playing with the same picture before, but this time the result seems more what I had in mind when taking this shot. new light through old windows? does even light corrode in a […]

pattern recognition

Soundtrack: Senser – Age Of Panic … thought to write a longer text about seeing patterns in a (post?)industrial age, but somehow at the moment I just think this track is enough on that… (filed in discordia)