Proposing a GNU Social Network Manifesto?

Reading through the GNU Free Software philosophy once again, I wonder whether, right now in the current disputes surrounding Facebook, Twitter, Mastodon and the quest for a more “open” social network environment, we might need just something like the GNU philosophy for social networks, too? I mean, after all, having “open-source” social network implementations like … Read moreProposing a GNU Social Network Manifesto?

Windows 10, GNU and actual “open-ness”?

Business as usual, one could say… All along with the announcement of Microsoft Windows 10 being released, I found an FSF statement on Windows 10 in my inbox, boiling down to what I by now consider the usual statements, like outlining that privacy and personal freedom is important, that it is important to choose software that respects these aspects, and that, from this point of view, convincing your friends to at least try a Software Libre operating system such as GNU/Linux is a good thing. So far, so good. Personally, I have made a decision on that issue quite a while ago, which by now also has turned to be a technical thing: I will keep using GNOME on top of GNU/Linux as my main working vehicle for as long as somewhat possible as not just it is Software Libre but also because it’s closest to my ideas of how a computer should work, look, feel like. Still, I wonder whether the FSF recently could use some adjustments in its strategy…

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Free Software as a social movement has an excellent, verbose interview with GNU mastermind and Free Software advocate Richard Stallman. Probably not bearing much news to those who are a little into the whole GNU movement, it may be a good explanation of Free Software for all those who by now just are thinking about “free” software as “cheap” or … Read moreFree Software as a social movement

SAP, Open-Source und “Visionäre”

Wenn man sich die aktuellen Kommentare von SAP-Produktentwicklungs-Chef Shai Agassi zum Thema OpenSource so durchliest, weiß man einmal mehr, wozu Lizenzen wie die GNU GPL notwendig und für freie Projekte überlebenswichtig sind: Weil sich Großkonzerne wie eben SAP oder IBM, trotz Lippenbekenntnissen zu OpenSource und teilweise sogar eigener Entwicklung auf diesem Gebiet (wie etwa der … Read moreSAP, Open-Source und “Visionäre”

Petition für standardisierte Dateiformate

Wie Pro-Linux; berichtet, haben sich engagierte Zeitgenossen aufgerafft, eine Petition ins Leben zu rufen mit dem Hintergrund, die Verwendung offener und standardisierter Dateiformate im elektronischen Dokumentenverkehr voranzutreiben.Die Hintergründe dabei sind einleuchtend: Momentan sind in vielen Bereichen auch des öffentlichen Lebens Dateiformate des Software-Konzerns Microsoft dominierend, mit den Folgen, daß unter anderem Nutzer von freier Software … Read morePetition für standardisierte Dateiformate

GNU/Solaris gaining speed

Quite some time has passed since SUN Microsystems announced to release core components of their Solaris operating under an open-source compatible licensing, thus opening doors wide for the Open Source community to adopt the system and create “open soure Solaris” distributions. Now the first downloadable version of Nexenta is here. Though being called “alpha 1” … Read moreGNU/Solaris gaining speed

cultural technology

After once again booting into the Copy4Freedom GNU/Linux Live CD this evening, I am once again ending thinking about technology and its role in culture and society and, probably this is a place as good as any for writing down some thoughts on that topic… Basically, after being into all this computer and “IT” stuff … Read morecultural technology

ich bin ein GNU

Seit reichlich zehn Jahren bin ich jetzt schon GNU-Enthusiast, und irgendwie merke ich gelegentlich, daß sich gewisse Diskussionen über GNU, GNU/Linux und freie Software insgesamt regelmäßig wiederholen. So gesehen scheint dies hier ein guter Platz zu sein, ein paar grundsätzliche Gedanken zum Thema loszuwerden und versuchsweise zu beleuchten, was mich an “freier” Software im GNU-Sinne fasziniert und wieso ich gar nicht anders kann, als Leute vom Sinn dieser Angelegenheit zu überzeugen. Read on…

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a GNU step forth

Last weekend I took the chance of once again installing a whole load of GNUStep packages to my Debian desktop machine. That’s some sort of ritual I’ve been doing almost regularly now for quite some years, and usually, after a short moment of enthusiasm, it tends to end up all the same – being disappointed … Read morea GNU step forth