trains, lights, insomnia

Soundtrack: Opale – ‚Sleepless‘ Capturing the quiet mood of empty train stations long past midnight. A strange perception of restlessness and loneliness.

control panels

Soundtrack: micronaut – ‚experiment 2‘ Control station of an old ferry terminal. A strange mood somewhere in between the quiet openness of the seas behind, the remainders of abandoned industrial structures and the frequency of activities that must have taken place here earlier in history…

secret gardens

Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – „my secret garden“ … not so secret anymore.

link / leaves

Soundtrack: Tetarise – ‚wide contemplation‘, particularly ‚Reminiscenses (Chillout Mix)‘. Netlabel ambient for the win. In some ways, back to a (visual) theme I then and now enjoyed playing with, and at times still do.


Well not reboot, in a literal understanding. But also not a „relaunch“ as changes that happened here are as superficial as a theme switch can eventually be. Maybe this, however, will make this page end up being a bit more inspiring again… Soundtrack: Low Entropy – „Drone 1“. Not all of it, though, as I’m not completely done listening, for obvious reasons… 😉


Soundtrack: Red Fog – „199 Broken Light Tubes“ – exploring the world that is to be reached following the stairs down into the ruins we left behind.

sleepy buildings

Soundtrack: Forgotten Backyard – „l’aube“ (off the „de poussière rouge“ EP released via ambientaria). Like distant dreaming, in some way. All along the lines, a short note on why recently I keep on posting music which is either netlabel or creative-commons based. There are two reasons to do so: On one side, I want to support music which is beyond the „mainstream“ in any possible way, and a lot of

machine meditation #12: the seagull and the old crane

Soundtrack: Fabrizio Paterlini – „Viandanze“ (off the Viandanze EP available via Paterlini is great music to write code to, and it works out for playing with images, as well. The usual machine meditation approach, once again, in some way. An image I somehow got hold of. Little postprocessing. And quietness of a moment.


Soundtrack: Forge Of Clouds – „ten“ (off their incredible, self-titled debut album), somehow in my opinion fitting the mood of this one, not sure why.