a better mousetrap #4: integrating on top of CouchDB

I’ve recently been writing about Apache CouchDB and its various features of interest in our environment, and I will continue doing so as, after working with this platform, I came across a bunch of thoughts I quickly felt like pinning down, either in order to remember them, or in order to eventually have some discussion on that topic as I still consider myself learner as far as both CouchDB and

a clueless start to node.js

node.js is a technology that has been on my „to-try“ stack of technologies for quite a while now. There has been quite some fuzz out there recently regarding this framework, and as so far I wanted to have a closer look on what’s possible in JavaScript outside the browser, anyway, it seemed a good reason for dealing with something „new“ just for the sake of it, even without immediately having

jython in webapps and better scripting support

For quite a while now we’ve been using Jython, a (re-)implementation of the Python programming language that runs on top of the Java VM and along the lines of JSR-223 (Scripting for the Java Platform), in our environment to deal with some use cases which addressed way easier using a scripting language than, in example, using Java code inside a webapp. However, so far our integration left a lot to

Locked in?

Es dürfte dem einen oder anderen nicht verborgen geblieben sein, daß ich das Gros meiner Tage damit verbringe, Software in einer In-House – Umgebung gleichermaßen zu betreiben, zu entwickeln und auch, irgendwie, in ihrer langfristigen Ausrichtung und Entwicklung zu planen. Ich bin seit ehedem Anhänger der Idee „Freier Software“ (mit großem „F“, wie in „Freie Rede“, nicht wie in „Freibier“…) oder, wenn pragmatischer, technischer, zumindest des Ansatzes von Open-Source-Software-Entwicklung, im