gallery migration

In the process of getting this site sorted, I am also migrating all my image galleries to a new, working system. So, feel free to check out the new pictorial…

IM is dead?

I remember quite well some years ago when slowly getting into both GNU/Linux and “the internet” as a whole bunch of interesting technologies and means of communication, I struggled quite a lot to get a really working, free-as-in-free-speech client for ICQ instant messaging system up and running. Some years later, this has changed drastically; now bunches of good, free clients are available for ICQ same as other instant messaging services, like AOL’s AIM-Service, the Yahoo! Messenger and even the infamous Microsoft Messenger that comes bundled with pretty every installation of MS Windows. So far, so good?

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back door software patents again

Here we go again… Whoever thought the almost historical decision of the European Parliament in July 2005 to finally discard the current software patent directive of European countil would finally remove this threat for free and small developers from Europes political agenda may think again: It seems that once again software patents are about to … Read moreback door software patents again

a GNU step forth

Last weekend I took the chance of once again installing a whole load of GNUStep packages to my Debian desktop machine. That’s some sort of ritual I’ve been doing almost regularly now for quite some years, and usually, after a short moment of enthusiasm, it tends to end up all the same – being disappointed … Read morea GNU step forth

hello world!

well… guess after all I am cheating on my current blosxom-based weblog, trying to get wordpress up and running for the sake of doing something else. don’t really know yet where this all is heading for; but I also see that blosxom, even while being a good weblog platform, probably is not the sort of … Read morehello world!

party warfare: Czechtek 2005

today several media sources report that this years Czechtek festival, started years ago and, ever since then, grown to be one of the most important event of independent music and culture in (Eastern) Europe, this year drastically ended in a violent operation of Czech police, preventing people from even travelling to the festival place, using … Read moreparty warfare: Czechtek 2005

gimp hacks: writing plugins using python

One of many amazing features that The Gimp is providing is the capability of being extensible using quite an amount of languages which aren’t too unlikely to be around on a GNU/Linux or Unix environment where Gimp mainly is to be found. Even though I don’t really often reach the point where standard Gimp features don’t suffice anymore, the idea of being able to build custom extensions at least for automating certain frequently appearing tasks is tempting. That’s why, after all, I spent some moments figuring out how to exactly get that done…

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another psychic trip: Paul Auster’s “the book of illusions”

imagine losing touch to everyday life out of a tragic loss… and then imagine being reconnected to right that everyday life also through another tragic loss. it’s obvious: Paul Auster surely is what you’d like to call a strange, intense writer; ever since I first read the “manhattan trilogy” back in 1999, I sort of … Read moreanother psychic trip: Paul Auster’s “the book of illusions”