elementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux

As I pointed out elsewhere, I spent a couple of weeks participating in the elementaryOS 5 Linux Community Challenge. Started by a writer at forbes.com, the idea was plain and simple: Go with elementaryOS Juno for two weeks, and use it mostly out of the box. No tweaks, no configuration, and software exclusively from the … Read more elementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux

KDE, Kubuntu, and a bit of rant.

So much for that. Again. A while ago and in quite a verbose way I announced my move to KDE 4.x, specifically in the Kubuntu 13.04 distribution which I adopted in early alpha, as most of the time. Finally. After fancying with this particular desktop environment for quite a while. Well guess I’ll better keep quiet about things like that by now, sitting in front of an XFCE machine again as I write this, not ending up with a desktop that is “lightweight” or “un-bloated” but, well, with a desktop that seems to just have a better balance between features and usability, at the moment. Not sure. Some more thoughts on that to follow, read on…

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