Supruga. Post modern darkness.

I got into more aggressive music in the early 1990s, which was an interesting experience: Labeled both „heavy metal“ or „hard rock“ synonymously from the outside, those who were into this kind of acoustic entertainment used to have quite some nuanced understandings of sub genres and styles that needed to be kept well separated. Back then, as well, music often was about things such as style, attitude and techniques. We


Soundtrack: Red Fog – „199 Broken Light Tubes“ – exploring the world that is to be reached following the stairs down into the ruins we left behind.

sleepy buildings

Soundtrack: Forgotten Backyard – „l’aube“ (off the „de poussière rouge“ EP released via ambientaria). Like distant dreaming, in some way. All along the lines, a short note on why recently I keep on posting music which is either netlabel or creative-commons based. There are two reasons to do so: On one side, I want to support music which is beyond the „mainstream“ in any possible way, and a lot of


Soundtrack: rngmnn – „skogsrået“. Strange music for a somewhat peculiar image. Exploring machinery, once again, in these (urban) areas in which abandoned devices just akin to that still are present, waiting to be seen.


Soundtrack: The Inventors of Aircrafts – „The Tower“. An other sort of abandoned machinery.

machine meditation #10: point of control

Soundtrack: Anna Rose Carter & Pleq – „A mirror sitting“. Quietness. Suspended machinery. Artifacts emitting silence, in some way. Feeling tired today, also in some way.

green machinery

Soundtrack: Xun – „Clastic“ (off „Framework“, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license via ambientaria records. Again, it somehow just felt like it fit the mood.

music to code to, #2: Blame and sounds of water

Depending upon the very mood, I am into different kinds of music throughout my (working) days, and for quite a while, all kinds of electronic stuff has been close to top my my list, including both a couple of more familiar names and stuff which might be considered pretty much „unknown“ these days, for whichever reasons. Blame definitely belongs to the latter kind of artists on my list, a band/project

ghostlike ambient and art: „incubi succubi“

A few days ago, while browsing archive.org I stumbled across „Incubi Succubi“ by Daina Dieva and Svart1. Somehow, this 25-minutes beast of an ambient track has caught my attention and been played quite a couple of times ever since. Initially, this track partially reminded me of Vangelis‘ incredible soundtrack to „Blade Runner“, but „Incubi Succubi“ is way more, way stronger in some respects: The course of a nights worth of