All along with one of the latest theming changes in this blog, I finally discarded Google Analytics for a bunch of different reasons. I do not really want to do in-depth monitoring of who visits my site or who reads which articles from which hardware, it’s more a certain curiosity to see which devices (mobile, desktop) or operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS) readers on this site are using, merely for the sake of knowing if or how the page eventually should be optimized – though possibly these days no one questions mobile clients anymore. 😉 Plus, of course it’s interesting to see whether (or, better, that) there are some rather old articles in here that still seem to show up in some bookmark lists, searches, browser histories. Thank you very much for coming back, no matter whether where from. 😉

Anyway, to get to the point: This site now uses Piwik, an open-source statistics solution installed on this server, for doing user and access statistics. It’s configured to be as sensitive as possible while still providing some useful output. If that’s not at all something you want, feel free to opt out here, making my Piwik ignoring your visits from now. 😉

[wp-piwik module=”opt-out” language=”en” width=”100%” height=”200px”]