Been trying for quite a while to find a reasonable way of managing a “reading list”, with requirements pretty simple: I want to remember a bunch of web resources I stumble across during the day to check them out as soon as I find some time. Tried various approaches, didn’t really enjoy any of them. … Read morebookmark-to-mail


October already, again. Year’s moving on fast. Looking through my history, there are few years that have seen as little activity on this blog as this one. Maybe it’s a a mix of being active in some prominent social networks as well (which ends up being a dump for a load of day-to-day snippets, links random thoughts) all along with lacking really a load of things to write about.

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Der Spätsommer ist heiß in diesem Jahr. Wir haben lang Federball gespielt, bis wir die letzten Bälle ins Dickicht entlang des Platzes geschlagen haben und in der Dämmerung nicht mehr wiederfinden konnten. Nur an den kürzer werdenden Tagen spürt man den frühen Herbst. Die Hinterhöfe sind immer noch voll Musik, die Autos holpern immer noch … Read moreSeptembersonne


Soundtrack: The Grey Tapes – ‘noirworx I excerpt’ Shooting out late at night close to Dresdens Alberthafen. Strange to see the quietness in such places after dawn.

Weniger Input.

Ich habe meinen Konsum von Nachrichtenquellen umgestellt, habe Google News aus meinem Horizont gebannt, ebenso alle Quellen, die Newsticker-Berichterstattung mit Information gleichsetzen, allen voran FOCUS Online. Die Zeiten sind unübersichtlich, man hat das Gefühl, daß Irrsinn dieser Tage eher die Regel denn die Ausnahme ist. Die auf Geschwindigkeit und Klicks optimierende Online-Medienlandschaft tut ihren Teil … Read moreWeniger Input.

Microsoft, TypeScript, Code & me

If you’re among the two or three readers who have been following this blog through most of its more than ten years of more or less continued activity, you possibly noticed that, as a GNU/Linux user (with not a fanatic but yet a certain emphasis on the GNU part), in some way I possibly have learnt and am supposed to at least dislike Microsoft for a bunch of reasons. Some of these definitely still are valid, but it’s hard to miss that others are in the process of changing…

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