Replicant: Neon dark dreams

Ever since Wave Gotik Treffen 2015 and some of the shows I used to see there, I’m a bit lost to music living somewhere in between post punk, minimal synth and cold wave. Starting out with some particular, incredible bands and browsing similar artists on, these days my favorite and by far most important

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Weniger Input.

Ich habe meinen Konsum von Nachrichtenquellen umgestellt, habe Google News aus meinem Horizont gebannt, ebenso alle Quellen, die Newsticker-Berichterstattung mit Information gleichsetzen, allen voran FOCUS Online. Die Zeiten sind unübersichtlich, man hat das Gefühl, daß Irrsinn dieser Tage eher die Regel denn die Ausnahme ist. Die auf Geschwindigkeit und Klicks optimierende Online-Medienlandschaft tut ihren Teil

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Microsoft, TypeScript, Code & me

If you’re among the two or three readers who have been following this blog through most of its more than ten years of more or less continued activity, you possibly noticed that, as a GNU/Linux user (with not a fanatic but yet a certain emphasis on the GNU part), in some way I possibly have

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Social networks cleanup

Being sort of frustrated with parts of the status quo, I’m in the midsts of wiping some of my accounts registered with “alternative” social networks such as Diaspora, Friendica or GNU Social. Not that they generally suck, but in some ways I have altogether lost time and motivation to really deal with these.

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Just discovered this a while ago after installing and using FBReader on some of my Android devices. There apparently is a free eBook edition of “Accelerando” by Charles Stross. An interesting note from the web site for my and your entertainment…: “… “Accelerando” is a creature of its time, and that time is the late

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Souls at zero

Tage am Meer… Auf dem Weg zum Strand im schweren, staubigen Kombi. Kofferraum vollgepackt mit Zeugs, kreuz und quer durcheinander. Eine Kiste Bier, einige Flaschen besseren Weins. Dinge, die man so braucht. Packenweise Schokolade, ein paar Stangen Zigaretten, Bücher, Papier. Decken. Windlichter. Musik, so viel Musik. Das Auto geparkt irgendwo im Gras, unter den Bäumen

GNOME: 18 and moving

Well, what do you know: The GNOME Unix desktop project is about to celebrate its 18th ‘birthday’, anniversary, … by tomorrow, August 15, 2015. I guess there’s more interesting news these days, and I also just noticed while incidentially stumbling across the GNOME web site earlier this morning…

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