Verwundbare Mono-Kulturen

Was sich in den letzten Tagen den Weg durch die Regionalnachrichten gebahnt hat, hat den Technik-Interessierten aufhorchen lassen: Offensichtlich war das EDV-System im Landratsamt Aue-Schwarzenberg so weitreichend von Viren befallen, die die Arbeit der Behörde gelähmt und insgesamt eine deutlich dreistellige Zahl von Rechnern befallen haben. Mittlerweile ist aber zumindest der (auf Microsoft IIS 5.0 … Read moreVerwundbare Mono-Kulturen

heading for Callisto.

The years after being released as Open-Source by IBM, the Eclipse environment has made its way from a good Java IDE to being an all-integrating developer tool, with plugins and extensions available for almost everything you might want to do while developing software of any kind. Besides providing support for most of the programming languages … Read moreheading for Callisto.


Lately there have been quite some discussions about the so-called Windows Genuine Advantage components to be installed with recent update packages of the Windows operating system, most of them caused by the fact that tools like this, intented to check whether your computer runs “pirated” or “legal” software, actually are little more than just nasty … Read morewindow.close()

Where Windows Vista fails…

Even though several pre-relase (beta as well as technological preview) versions of Vista, the latest (and shiniest?) incarnation of the Microsoft Windows operating system have been around for quite some time, the software itself won’t be sold much before early 2007. That’s not new. Months before that date, there is an article writtten by technology … Read moreWhere Windows Vista fails…