JDK 6 RC, licensing discussion in motion?

Seems things are getting closer: Java SE 6, the basic Java development and runtime environment, by now is available as a ‘Release Candidate’, the stable version being expected by 12/2006. Still trying to figure out what is actually new, I had to learn that the ‘Features and Enhancements’ document does not yet work properly. Hopefully … Read moreJDK 6 RC, licensing discussion in motion?

Der sendende Mensch…

Ich bin noch unschl├╝ssig, ob technisch interessant, bizarr oder etwas ganz anderes: Sony meldet ein Patent auf “Kopfh├Ârer ohne Kabel” an, bei denen die Signale ├╝ber die “Oberfl├Ąche des menschlichen K├Ârpers” ├╝bertragen werden. Da├č es funktionieren kann, steht sicherlich au├čer Frage, aber fernab der Elektrosmog-Diskussion (die vermutlich angesichts der zu erwartenden Signalpegel hier eher punktlos … Read moreDer sendende Mensch…

Eclipse 3.2 vs. NetBeans 5.5

Very well I remember the days I used to do my very first experiments using the Java programming language, utilizing a plain installation vim text editor (which still rocks, but preferrably for purposes other than that) to write .java files and the JDK 1.1 command line tools to build and run the final classes. Somehow, this way one always got stuck between a browser window (for reading across the JDK API documentation) and possibly two different shells – one to build the sources, and another one to immediately fix errors reported by the compiler in the source code. It felt sort of archaic, but it worked.

Though it seems this was only yesterday, now things drastically have changed. There are almost wagonloads of Java development tools around, aiming at making application development using the Java languages more easy, more productive, more “fun”. Some of them are Open Source software, some of them “just” free of charge, some of them packaged software you’re charged more or less money for. Two of them somehow made it to my notebook and now are happily living side-by-side, consuming disk space and being used for different purposes. That’s why, after all, I decided to write a short comparison of Netbeans (in its most up-to-date relese 5.5) and Eclipse (likewise, an installation built atop 3.2/Callisto), looking at what I do with them and why I prefer doing certain things in NetBeans and other things in Eclipse. Read on – but be aware, however, that this is just a personal point of view based upon day-to-day experiences; I hardly could say I really “tested” both tools against each other. However, there are a few points worth noting…

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JEE 5 – having a “first cup”

So here we go… JEE 5, the web application framework / environment / platform /whatever based upon the Java programming language, is slowly gaining speed, and indeed it is a technology worth spending some time with. Compared to earlier versions, JEE 5 basically aims at making enterprise application development faster and easier, removing a lot … Read moreJEE 5 – having a “first cup”