Soundtrack: Echoes From Jupiter – “Subsurface Frozen Dome” (off the highly recommendable “Europa” album). Pillars of the city, once again, looking different at night and during day.


Soundtrack: Blame – ‘Legions Across these oceans” (off the highly recommended ‘Water’ album. Just a quiet mood, this time, and a picture I kinda started to like immediately after I took it, without really knowing why.

steel city pillars

Soundtrack:Bartois: ‘Grey Matter’ (off the Solo Piano album released via Clinical Archives. Artificial matter, concrete and steel, and a trail of intense color below an urban sky.


Soundtrack: Halgrath – “Spiral Path” (off the “Liquid Mind” album available for free download via ambientaria records). Eventually the opposite to the previous picture. Again structures rising to the skies, yet way more organic, this time, way more natural, way more transient.

open fields

Soundtrack: Taeppeat – “trains in the sky” (off the incredible “acid void peak” album published via ghostdrome). Quite an appropriate piece of music to go with a walk through quiet post-industrial countrysides…


Soundtrack: Forma Tadre – “automate A new start, somehow, visually. Maybe cleaner. Maybe not. Let’s see where it is about to move.