“Past midnight. Never knew such silence. Earth might be uninhabited.” (Beckett – ‘Krapps last tape’) Soundtrack: Bartois – ‘Enchant√©’ (

machine #19b

Soundtrack: Solifugae – “Luna Facie” (dark / space ambient released via Organic Acoustic netlabel). Inspired partly by a longer chat on machinery becoming “obsolete” and outdated in cycles ever faster, and partly by Curiosity starting its Mars mission which is likely to be a one-way trip. Ultimately, this device is likely to explore Mars surface, but then and now, sooner or later, its mission will end, leaving Curiosity just a motionless bit of retired machinery rusting away in the Mars desert. Short-lived tools, in some way.


Soundtrack: Nanoptiq – “non-linear”. Browsing through my archives, I remember to always have had a category, album named “quiet” or anything similar to that. For particular reasons – like taking a break from posting heavily modified pictures, once in a while. In some strange way this is what I am back to, now – seeing … Read more light.waves