“Past midnight. Never knew such silence. Earth might be uninhabited.” (Beckett – ‘Krapps last tape’) Soundtrack: Bartois – ‘Enchant√©’ (

machine #19b

Soundtrack: Solifugae – “Luna Facie” (dark / space ambient released via Organic Acoustic netlabel). Inspired partly by a longer chat on machinery becoming “obsolete” and outdated in cycles ever faster, and partly by Curiosity starting its Mars mission which is likely to be a one-way trip. Ultimately, this device is likely to explore Mars surface,


Soundtrack: Nanoptiq – “non-linear”. Browsing through my archives, I remember to always have had a category, album named “quiet” or anything similar to that. For particular reasons – like taking a break from posting heavily modified pictures, once in a while. In some strange way this is what I am back to, now – seeing

machine meditation #12: the seagull and the old crane

Soundtrack: Fabrizio Paterlini – “Viandanze” (off the Viandanze EP available via Paterlini is great music to write code to, and it works out for playing with images, as well. The usual machine meditation approach, once again, in some way. An image I somehow got hold of. Little postprocessing. And quietness of a moment.

machine meditation #11: pillar structures

driven by the wonderful “Limits”, apparently off Entropias ‘Chimera’ EP. Highly recommended again. And, visually or mentally: Is the concept of looking at rooms like this, thinking of pillars carrying large ceilings of concrete and, then, wondering what kind of pillars to be carrying a starry nightsky, too much clichy or pseudo-poetic to be worth