control panels

Soundtrack: micronaut – ‚experiment 2‘ Control station of an old ferry terminal. A strange mood somewhere in between the quiet openness of the seas behind, the remainders of abandoned industrial structures and the frequency of activities that must have taken place here earlier in history…

secret gardens

Soundtrack: Depeche Mode – „my secret garden“ … not so secret anymore.


Machinery hidden in the grass on warm summer days. A quasi-organic feel… 🙂

empty streets

Searching for silence in things. Lying down on a cool morning road feeling the city waking up. Few hours from now this place will be hopelessly crowded, with this hours quietness hiding somewhere behind ancient windows and curtains, waiting for the day to come to slow down again. Collecting those moments…


Soundtrack: …anabase* – à l’intérieur. Remembering the City Of Lights.


Soundtrack: Bartois – „Blossom“ – exploring an abandoned entertainment park, discovering a quiet place right in front of a stage (abandoned, too, of course). There’s a certain quietness in such places…

concrete flowers

Soundtrack: Sava Marinkovic – „Argemone“ (the full album, highly recommended, can be found at acustronica). Inspired by the perception of flowers, blossoms, trees making their ways through urban landscapes of concrete, obviously not that much being impressed by an environment far from perfect for what they want or need.

withered trees

Soundtrack: Halgrath – „Twilight Mist Feelings“ www.youtube.com/watch?v=eUAQAuehMKk Shooting with the Android apps (most notably Vignette) made me want to play a bit with less heavily processed black/white stuff. For the sake of it. Image mirrored on Flickr and somewhere on Google+.


Soundtrack: Herwig Holzmann „Mobile #1“ (off ‚yes we’re mobile‘, net release on tonatom.net). Glowing summer afternoons in cities. Ask for full-size as the photoblog somehow manages to trash the image a bit by rescaling. :/