out in the wild


October already, again. Year’s moving on fast. Looking through my history, there are few years that have seen as little activity on this blog as this one. Maybe it’s a a mix of being active in some prominent social networks as well (which ends up being a dump for a load of day-to-day snippets, links random thoughts) all along with lacking really a load of things to write about.

Souls at zero

Tage am Meer… Auf dem Weg zum Strand im schweren, staubigen Kombi. Kofferraum vollgepackt mit Zeugs, kreuz und quer durcheinander. Eine Kiste Bier, einige Flaschen besseren Weins. Dinge, die man so braucht. Packenweise Schokolade, ein paar Stangen Zigaretten, Bücher, Papier. Decken. Windlichter. Musik, so viel Musik. Das Auto geparkt irgendwo im Gras, unter den Bäumen gleich hinter den Dünen, und dann los. Decken in den Sand, Musik an, Welt verschwindet

trains, lights, insomnia

Soundtrack: Opale – ‚Sleepless‘ Capturing the quiet mood of empty train stations long past midnight. A strange perception of restlessness and loneliness.


11:24pm. 27°C. System offline, all communication endpoints detached. Not a recipient anymore for tonight. Eyes closed, looking inward, trying to filter out and ignore the noise of the city. Rain would be really nice right now. Rain to wash away the dust and the heat of a glowing day. Rain to cool down the system a bit. Somewhere in there, circuits are running idle now, temperature just slowly going down.

Places of old

From the Book Of Travels, Vol. 2, Chapter 5: „[..]Time travels? They say there’s no such thing… I disagree. Though, it might be different than people would expect. This is not your old, clichy trip through years forth and back, causing confusing by seeing things unseen so far, or making your own life difficult by travelling back just to stumble across your grandmother in her 20s. It won’t just work

awake for days

Night moving on fast again. Still close to 7 Celsius, seemingly leaving behind another winter that wasn’t. Windows opened wide, to not just hear but merely sense the air cooling down, the wind, the city outside. A fair amount of windows opening to the wide backyard, filling the night with noise, light. Even more noise from the streets on the other side of the buildings. Sleep’s still quite a bit

Beyond the noise

„At some point life just got faster. Attention span seems to be constantly quickening. This is not the age of information but it rather seems the age of data overload, the age in which we all subsequently get lost within the megabytes, gigabytes, terabytes of images, textual content, music, video clips flowing by each and every day. At this point we’re just consumers, there’s hardly time for anything else.“ A


Woke up screaming – again. Saw cold sweat on my skin glittering in the dim light of the distant city, barely illuminating this narrow sanctuary. Remained silent for a few moments, trying to get breath and pulse rate back to normal before finally removing the wires taped to my head and arms, carefully… Not sure why to get back to this confusing world again, or how often I will still

state of confusion

Langsam verziehen sich die Wolken der zurückliegenden Nacht, färbt die Dämmerung den Himmel wie eine Explosion in Zeitlupe. Sanfte Morgensonne trocknet die Reste nächtlichen Regens auf seiner nackten Haut; längst schon spürt er nicht mehr die Kälte, die Müdigkeit, die scharfen Kanten der Steine unter seinen Knien. In der Ferne glänzen die Türme der Stadt im Licht des neuen Tages, und ein milder Wind von irgendwo treibt Staub und Blätter