move#2: Editing with style…

With NetBeans 6.0 getting closer to beta-1, by now I spent more or less a month working solely with NetBeans 6.0 daily builds, and yet I haven’t found a reason to make me regret my attempt to move here. Aside the fact that the issue / exception reporting in NetBeans is rather helpful while using testing / pre-release builds and the NetBeans folks seem to be busy getting the most

move#1 : NetBeans 6.0

Well… I wasn’t sure I’d do it, and yet I am almost through: Quite a bunch of weeks ago I spent quite some of my spare time moving most of my work projects to maven2 as build / dependency management / deployment system. And now, I’m obviously off to do another switch, right from Eclipse Europa 3.3 to NetBeans 6.0M10 … I already did a NetBeans / Eclipse comparison here