as the name implies…

„used“ once again: KM #11 and strange wires.

Well, what to say: The kind souls of Klub Moozak did it again: Following „[de:construction]“ used for the KM #05 flyer, by now a picture of mine even older has made it to the recent flyer for KM#11: Thanks guys, glad to see some comin‘ back and looking through these doings of mine even given that my flickr photostream has almost been abandoned (same as with fotolog, I am still

„cover“ed by Locura. :)

Oh well… being so busy writing about this and that (and, most of the time it seems, nothing) these days, I almost forgot something maybe really worth mentioning: A while ago, Australian death metal band Locura has chosen one of my older works still hosted on Flickr to be used as inner-sleeve artwork on their debut album „Draconian Measures“ (which I am just partly posting here, for the „full“ print

parallel fronts…

Well, haven’t been writing about music in ages; not that the last weeks were lacking good releases, but… oh well, maybe I was just lazy. 😉 However a while ago some kind soul on told me to have an eye / ear on the „On The Parallel Front“ album, an online sampler obviously created by x-line net label, collecting tracks solely created by Russian electronics / industrial / ebm

Neikka RPM: Electronic Serpents…

Thanks to a CD compilation provided by their record company („Sounds From The Matrix 004“), I just recently got to know the music of New York based electronic / industrial act Neikka RPM. Taking a deeper dive listening to their „Rise Of The 13th Serpent“ album, I had to find out that this project does provide a kind of dense acoustic experience crossing the boundaries of genres and electronic substyles

Celluloide: return of the 1980s synths?

Some days earlier, I just stumbled across ‚words once said‘, the debut album by French electronic / synth-pop group Celluloide. And I wonder what’s all the big thing about so-called „future pop“, again: Celluloide perfectly know how to create rather old-school electronic music, mostly using analog synthesizers and sound patterns that might make you remember the 1980s wave / synth-pop / „new romantics“ movement, that might make you remember records

technology and angels

„… And I still believe in angels And footsteps in the snow And I still believe in the goodness of Man Despite the evil in my world And I still believe in love Though I’m happy to be free of the pain But please just give me one last breath Before I pass from this place One last breath for the wicked One last breath for the sin One last

noise unit: Flesh Field

Oh well. Usually I visit the web site of Flesh Field once in a while, still hoping to see them live on stage around here somewhere someday. But obviously I never really took a closer look… If you visit the site, go to „Discog“ and select „Internet Releases“ (or, as an alternative, go here) to find around 80 minutes of their best tracks, remixed by artists like Icon Of Coil,

free music for free people

Sometimes there’s still hope: Even while nowadays people seem to have agreed upon the idea that web-shops „selling music online“ have to lock down content they sell using some sort of DRM to prevent users from „illegally using“ music they bought there (which ends up with shops like Apple’s iTunes music store where to buy music that requires you to own an Apple iPod in order to listen to it,

electric passengers: Jordan Reyne

Following several deviations through the world of music from various parts of the world, I ended up astoundingly listening to „Passenger“ by Jordan Reyne. And still I am amazed by this trip through worlds, through noises and melodies and fragments of both electronic and organic origin, by an incredibly dense release by a very talented and inspired musician. If you can imagine music somewhere in between Björk, Android Lust and