Kalte – “Claciations” : wintry sound environments

Music to code to, in some way: Browsing the darkwinter.com archives, I stumbled across “Glaciations” by Canadian ambient/electronics twopiece Kalte. The page says it all, I guess: … Inspired by the isolation and emptiness inherent in the Polar Night, the Toronto-based electronic duo Kalte has released “Glaciations”, a series of five sound environments made up … Read more Kalte – “Claciations” : wintry sound environments

a strange kind of cross-over: Botany Bay – “grounded”

Wow, looking at the timestamp of the last entry, it seems it’s been a while, vacations and project business included, since I wrote anything here. Anyway: As a regular follower / user of jamendo, I am by now pretty much used to stumbling across new and interesting music and average quality on jamendo.com seems pretty … Read more a strange kind of cross-over: Botany Bay – “grounded”

abre ojos – “elements”: electronic mandalas and space-age soundscapes

Amongst all the net labels out there nowadays, then and now I come back to the stuff found at darkwinter.com, as overall quality of these releases usually is pretty good. At the moment, however, I feel mesmerized by “elements”, which, in my opinion, is an exceptional release even by darkwinter standards. One hardly could say … Read more abre ojos – “elements”: electronic mandalas and space-age soundscapes

Musikgenuss mit ohne Hindernis…

Der tagesspiegel berichtet über den Status Quo im Umgang mit Online-Musik, testet verschiedene Werkzeuge und Plattformen und resümiert: … Die meisten Songs gibt es im Internet bereits jetzt ohne Beschränkungen. Doch damit sind längst nicht alle Barrieren beseitigt. Dem Nutzer steht teilweise ein regelrechter Hindernislauf bevor. … Insgesamt ein lesenswerter Artikel und ein schöner Punkt, … Read more Musikgenuss mit ohne Hindernis…

Spin Provider: dark Moscow electronics

Listening through the Parallel Fronts sampler a while ago, I stumbled across Spin Provider for the first time and kinda liked what I heard. Just by now I found that, some days ago, these folks obviously released another full-length album, titled ‘Radio “Totalitarianism”‘, to be found for download on archive.org and in several other places. … Read more Spin Provider: dark Moscow electronics