as the name implies…

Kalte – „Claciations“ : wintry sound environments

Music to code to, in some way: Browsing the archives, I stumbled across „Glaciations“ by Canadian ambient/electronics twopiece Kalte. The page says it all, I guess: … Inspired by the isolation and emptiness inherent in the Polar Night, the Toronto-based electronic duo Kalte has released „Glaciations“, a series of five sound environments made up of cold elements and deep darkness. Drawing from a range of organic sound sources which

a strange kind of cross-over: Botany Bay – „grounded“

Wow, looking at the timestamp of the last entry, it seems it’s been a while, vacations and project business included, since I wrote anything here. Anyway: As a regular follower / user of jamendo, I am by now pretty much used to stumbling across new and interesting music and average quality on seems pretty high which is a good thing. However, even given this high level of quality, once

abre ojos – „elements“: electronic mandalas and space-age soundscapes

Amongst all the net labels out there nowadays, then and now I come back to the stuff found at, as overall quality of these releases usually is pretty good. At the moment, however, I feel mesmerized by „elements“, which, in my opinion, is an exceptional release even by darkwinter standards. One hardly could say there is a lack of dark, „drony“ ambient music these days, as it seems creating

done that: mp3 shop

Well… after looking into this quite a while ago already, I finally did it and used the German version of the MP3 online shop in order to do my first-ever music purchase not involving any kind of actual „physical“ medium. And… yes, it feels kind of strange: On one side, if you „just“ want to listen to music, it’s next to perfect – browse the album list, search whatever

Nordvargr: Amongst pirates?

Now that’s something you don’t see every day: Quite a while ago I stumbled across the musical doings of nordvargr (and, eventually, wrote a review on one of his releases for German webzine medienkonverter back then…), and, sort of starting to like these dark, inspiring sound scapes, loosely kept track of his doings now and then. It seems Mr Nordvargr is pretty active also regarding communication and music distribution on

km#17: machinery again…

They did it again: Announcing the 17th Klub Moozak events, Clemens and his co-workers once again honoured my visual doings by using one of my pictures for the announcement flyer again: Thanks for that as well as for the credits, I surely like it… :> By the way the „blank“ version is here, CC-licensed as all my stuff. Well, as stated before: Seeing ones pictures used for something like this

Musikgenuss mit ohne Hindernis…

Der tagesspiegel berichtet über den Status Quo im Umgang mit Online-Musik, testet verschiedene Werkzeuge und Plattformen und resümiert: … Die meisten Songs gibt es im Internet bereits jetzt ohne Beschränkungen. Doch damit sind längst nicht alle Barrieren beseitigt. Dem Nutzer steht teilweise ein regelrechter Hindernislauf bevor. … Insgesamt ein lesenswerter Artikel und ein schöner Punkt, wieder einmal auf Creative Commons hinzuweisen. Entsprechend lizensierte Musik findet sich u.a. unter Jamendo, bei

Spin Provider: dark Moscow electronics

Listening through the Parallel Fronts sampler a while ago, I stumbled across Spin Provider for the first time and kinda liked what I heard. Just by now I found that, some days ago, these folks obviously released another full-length album, titled ‚Radio „Totalitarianism“‚, to be found for download on and in several other places. Considering Spin Provider an „underground act“, the quality of ‚Radio: „Totalitarianism“‚ is exceptional, and knowing

autumnal soundscapes: Star Of Ash

Sometimes music just doesn’t work out immediately… It was back in early 2008 when I stumbled across „The Thread“ initially, listened to the album quite a few times, but didn’t manage to really get something off the sounds featured on this album by Star Of Ash, one of the projects of Norwegian musician / singer Ihriel. By now, came across this album a second time in early autumn days somehow