Social networks cleanup

Being sort of frustrated with parts of the status quo, I’m in the midsts of wiping some of my accounts registered with „alternative“ social networks such as Diaspora, Friendica or GNU Social. Not that they generally suck, but in some ways I have altogether lost time and motivation to really deal with these.

Souls at zero

Tage am Meer… Auf dem Weg zum Strand im schweren, staubigen Kombi. Kofferraum vollgepackt mit Zeugs, kreuz und quer durcheinander. Eine Kiste Bier, einige Flaschen besseren Weins. Dinge, die man so braucht. Packenweise Schokolade, ein paar Stangen Zigaretten, Bücher, Papier. Decken. Windlichter. Musik, so viel Musik. Das Auto geparkt irgendwo im Gras, unter den Bäumen gleich hinter den Dünen, und dann los. Decken in den Sand, Musik an, Welt verschwindet

link / leaves

Soundtrack: Tetarise – ‚wide contemplation‘, particularly ‚Reminiscenses (Chillout Mix)‘. Netlabel ambient for the win. In some ways, back to a (visual) theme I then and now enjoyed playing with, and at times still do.

withered walls

Withered walls. Some more peculiar post-industrial points of view. Mirrored on Flickr.


Soundtrack: Evaporating Uneasiness – „Evaporating Uneasiness“ (the whole album, a set of strong piano tracks from which I fail to choose a „real“ favorite even despite listening to „Opus No. 04“ more often than to others). Came back to posting my nightly doings (to not call my images „works“) in the morning to keep myself from the urge to delete them after looking at them again in light of a


Soundtrack: Reverse Projection – ‚mist‘. Old machinery close-up.


Soundtrack: Red Fog – „199 Broken Light Tubes“ – exploring the world that is to be reached following the stairs down into the ruins we left behind.

minds // machines

Soundtrack: Fosel – „minds and machines“. Guess I just sometimes come across pictures like this.

decomposing urban structures

Soundtrack: CableShip – „Nema Signala“ (off „Drifting Mind“). A take on housing structures, more or less post-modern I guess.