green machinery

Soundtrack: Xun – „Clastic“ (off „Framework“, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license via ambientaria records. Again, it somehow just felt like it fit the mood.

steel flowers

Soundtrack: Hollow Branches – „Steel Flowers“ (again netlabel music, off the „Anchored In Sleep“ ep which, not too surprisingly, is highly recommended. In its inspired, dense quietness it somehow did fit the mood of this image, after all.

staring at clouds

Soundtrack: Fragment – ‚turn around‘ (off the incredible Iroha / Fragment split album released via More city skies, pale and bright and somewhere in between.

street light

Soundtrack: Neon Night Riders – „See The Sky“ (off „The Neon Album“). City street impressions in between calm, fragmented, abandoned, alive.

alien suns

Soundtrack: Subterrestrial – ‚The Cellular Cosmogony‘ (netaudio release to be found here). Maybe an utopian view on space flight and space culture in general.

umbrellas // screens

Soundtrack: Cloudkicker – ‚States‘ (off the incredible ‚The discovery‘ album. Hard to say anything witty about this picture, maybe it’s just another moment captured in some way…


Soundtrack: Earlyguard – „Solitary Moon“. More urban reflections, buildings ascending into city skies, a geometry seeming so much simpler than patterns of nature…


Soundtrack: Andres Westrvm vs. Alex Hedin – ‚fractures‘ – (artistic) urban explorations, in some way. more focussed on „urban“ as opposed to the initial and admirable idea of urban exploration, in terms of discovering abandoned structures and buildings. Both has its interesting sides it seems.