machine #19b

Soundtrack: Solifugae – “Luna Facie” (dark / space ambient released via Organic Acoustic netlabel). Inspired partly by a longer chat on machinery becoming “obsolete” and outdated in cycles ever faster, and partly by Curiosity starting its Mars mission which is likely to be a one-way trip. Ultimately, this device is likely to explore Mars surface, but then and now, sooner or later, its mission will end, leaving Curiosity just a motionless bit of retired machinery rusting away in the Mars desert. Short-lived tools, in some way.

sleepy buildings

Soundtrack: Forgotten Backyard – “l’aube” (off the “de poussière rouge” EP released via ambientaria). Like distant dreaming, in some way.

All along the lines, a short note on why recently I keep on posting music which is either netlabel or creative-commons based. There are two reasons to do so: On one side, I want to support music which is beyond the “mainstream” in any possible way, and a lot of these artists and projects do rather well and surely do deserve a bit more attention (one might wonder however whether my simple image posts and a small couple of visits really will help, but that’s a different thing I guess). On the other side, it’s pretty simple: Being a music enthusiast myself, I want to provide people with music they can easily get, download and listen to in a perfectly legal way. So, you could and should check out this stuff, most of it obviously is worth it.