SAP MaxDB on Docker

Using containers for development and testing environments is pretty much state of the art these days. This way, developers and operations guys alike are able to gain speed by reducing the time wasted on handling various infrastructural aspects just to be able to work at all. Consequently, a load of applications and runtime environments are

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SYN-Flooding für den Geist…

Immer noch und immer wieder habe ich die Hoffnung, daß Technologie Möglichkeiten schafft. Besser Kreativität ausleben können. Viel mehr Tools auf kleinem Raum, die den eigenen Horizont eröffnen und selbst Durchschnittsnutzern Dinge erlauben, die noch vor gar nicht allzu langer Zeit für Profis auf ihren Gebieten schwer bis nicht umsetzbar waren – Kommunikation eingeschlossen, Veröffentlichungen

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XMPP? Nice, but …

I keep on repeatedly promoting and suggesting people to take a closer look at XMPP for their messaging needs instead of falling back to “proprietary” and disputable (yet astoundingly widespread) messengers such as WhatsApp, and repeatedly I fail. And, from some point of view, I have to admit this “failing” doesn’t just happen because of

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Been trying for quite a while to find a reasonable way of managing a “reading list”, with requirements pretty simple: I want to remember a bunch of web resources I stumble across during the day to check them out as soon as I find some time. Tried various approaches, didn’t really enjoy any of them.

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October already, again. Year’s moving on fast. Looking through my history, there are few years that have seen as little activity on this blog as this one. Maybe it’s a a mix of being active in some prominent social networks as well (which ends up being a dump for a load of day-to-day snippets, links

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Der Spätsommer ist heiß in diesem Jahr. Wir haben lang Federball gespielt, bis wir die letzten Bälle ins Dickicht entlang des Platzes geschlagen haben und in der Dämmerung nicht mehr wiederfinden konnten. Nur an den kürzer werdenden Tagen spürt man den frühen Herbst. Die Hinterhöfe sind immer noch voll Musik, die Autos holpern immer noch

Hidden patterns: 99 Percent Invisible

I’m into listening to podcasts for quite a while now, with a modestly fixed set of just enough sources to not make listening to all the interesting episodes an impossible task. Usually, the time for me to listen to that kind of things is on my way to work in the morning which takes between

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