Established 2002. Used to be and still is a weird collection of things on my mind and somewhere in my orbits. Started out being sort of a doodle block somewhere in between Software Libre enthusiasts, privacy advocates and other people in between internet culture and politics, consequently focussed a lot on tech stuff and ranting about the various weird issues in digital politics especially in Germany and Europe, and has seen quite some changes ever since both caused by a change in how people like me use digital technologies (including social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Mastodon), personal interests, the general way of how technology is used in day-to-day life, and of course personal interests and priorities. Right now, this mostly houses my monthly (German) notes and actually is closer than ever to really being a “weblog” in terms of a public diary. That does seem to make not more or less sense than any of the uses before, for that matter.

I then and now tend to use the name “digital meditation”, a respectful reference to “electronic meditation” by Tangerine Dream but this is one of the few constants that have remained over here.