Supruga. Post modern darkness.

I got into more aggressive music in the early 1990s, which was an interesting experience: Labeled both “heavy metal” or “hard rock” synonymously from the outside, those who were into this kind of acoustic entertainment used to have quite some nuanced understandings of sub genres and styles that needed to be kept well separated. Back … Read moreSupruga. Post modern darkness.

elementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux

As I pointed out elsewhere, I spent a couple of weeks participating in the elementaryOS 5 Linux Community Challenge. Started by a writer at, the idea was plain and simple: Go with elementaryOS Juno for two weeks, and use it mostly out of the box. No tweaks, no configuration, and software exclusively from the … Read moreelementary 5: Clean, lightweight GNU/Linux


Der zweite Monat des Jahres sieht in Dresden den ersten richtigen Schnee des Winters. Die Straßen sind matschig, die Autofahrer nervös, die vereinzelt auch in dieser Jahreszeit durchhaltenden Radfahrer auch. Nichts Neues also. Für die nächste Zeit ist schon wieder wärmeres Wetter angekündigt. Die Tage werden länger, man hat wieder eine Chance, den Weg von … Read moreFebruarschnee