Mai 2013


Soundtrack: Bartois – „Blossom“ – exploring an abandoned entertainment park, discovering a quiet place right in front of a stage (abandoned, too, of course). There’s a certain quietness in such places…

Yahoo! – Tumblr, Flickr and then some… ?

If you think Facebooks acquisition of Instagram involved an incredibly large amount of money, think again: As of yesterday, Yahoo! has announced to acquire Tumblr for an amount of money even larger. Things to follow are more or less as expected: Y!’s Marissa Mayer promises to not screw things up and some sites, such as, obviously sees the first users fleeing from Tumblr in course of that. Hmmm. I

concrete flowers

Soundtrack: Sava Marinkovic – „Argemone“ (the full album, highly recommended, can be found at acustronica). Inspired by the perception of flowers, blossoms, trees making their ways through urban landscapes of concrete, obviously not that much being impressed by an environment far from perfect for what they want or need.