Soundtrack: Evaporating Uneasiness – “Evaporating Uneasiness” (the whole album, a set of strong piano tracks from which I fail to choose a “real” favorite even despite listening to “Opus No. 04” more often than to others). Came back to posting my nightly doings (to not call my images “works”) in the morning to keep myself … Read morehide.out

Fragments and facades

Few years of absence and this whole place looks worn-down, abandoned, broken. Yet maybe that’s what makes it worthwhile. It’s not the shiny, glamourous, polished place which takes all the effort one can bring up to be kept in this state. It’s rather a sanctuary indeed. A place which is just there. A place where … Read moreFragments and facades


Woke up screaming – again. Saw cold sweat on my skin glittering in the dim light of the distant city, barely illuminating this narrow sanctuary. Remained silent for a few moments, trying to get breath and pulse rate back to normal before finally removing the wires taped to my head and arms, carefully… Not sure … Read moreneon.dark.dreams.

Refactoring and removing.

Deleted code doesn’t contain bugs, they say. I always felt kind of unsafe with the idea of actually and straightforward removing code while into refactoring smaller or larger parts of the systems – after all, same as it doesn’t contain bugs, deleted code also doesn’t contain business logic anymore which might not be what you want at times. Yet, trying to clean up parts of (the Java / Java EE based) components in our system, I have to some degree changed my mind about that.

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