Oktober 2011

Team.Radio: post post rock?

I have to admit that somehow, by now, sinewave.com.br starts to make me wonder… I already did put down my enthusiasm about Uppsala Solemne a bit earlier, but, no matter whether listening to latest releases of Ruido/MM, Sobre A Maquina, the incredible This Lonely Crowd and a bunch of others: Most of the recent Sinewave releases are exceptionally strong, not just from a netaudio / netlabel perspective, and definitely all

a better mousetrap #5: a Couch potatoes take on transports

As pointed out in my last post, I am about to dive a little deeper into our prototypical, experimental usage of Apache CouchDB in an environment which is a bit off the typical „web application“ use case yet seems not all too bad a thing to use a technology like CouchDB for. Meet the „transport engine“.

a better mousetrap #4: integrating on top of CouchDB

I’ve recently been writing about Apache CouchDB and its various features of interest in our environment, and I will continue doing so as, after working with this platform, I came across a bunch of thoughts I quickly felt like pinning down, either in order to remember them, or in order to eventually have some discussion on that topic as I still consider myself learner as far as both CouchDB and