September 2011

machine meditation #11: pillar structures

driven by the wonderful „Limits“, apparently off Entropias ‚Chimera‘ EP. Highly recommended again. And, visually or mentally: Is the concept of looking at rooms like this, thinking of pillars carrying large ceilings of concrete and, then, wondering what kind of pillars to be carrying a starry nightsky, too much clichy or pseudo-poetic to be worth being thought twice?


Definite soundtrack: Omega Massif – „In der Mine“. Not much to say about this, except for that this kind of music goes along at least as well as darker electronics with such imagery.

flowers became screens?

Soundtrack: Erratic – „Activation Fields“. Minimal netaudio electronics, again, in my opinion rather well suiting the mood of these abandoned devices out there in the weather.

machine meditation #10: point of control

Soundtrack: Anna Rose Carter & Pleq – „A mirror sitting“. Quietness. Suspended machinery. Artifacts emitting silence, in some way. Feeling tired today, also in some way.

green machinery

Soundtrack: Xun – „Clastic“ (off „Framework“, released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license via ambientaria records. Again, it somehow just felt like it fit the mood.

machine meditation #9 : quasi-static

Soundtrack: Aidan Baker – „ton“ (an artist never short of inspiration). Perceiving quasi-static structures in a shut-down post-industrial environment.