Juni 2011

a clueless start to node.js

node.js is a technology that has been on my „to-try“ stack of technologies for quite a while now. There has been quite some fuzz out there recently regarding this framework, and as so far I wanted to have a closer look on what’s possible in JavaScript outside the browser, anyway, it seemed a good reason for dealing with something „new“ just for the sake of it, even without immediately having

hitting the golden hammer.

More than once, the last couple of weeks I repeatedly stumbled across situations in which I had to remember the infamous Law Of The Instrument in order to explain some peoples attitude towards technology and overall technological decisions. I am not sure if this „law“ holds completely true all the time, but I am sure there are some valid points to it.

steel city pillars

Soundtrack:Bartois: ‚Grey Matter‘ (off the Solo Piano album released via Clinical Archives. Artificial matter, concrete and steel, and a trail of intense color below an urban sky.

modeling, technologies and culture

Looking back at yesterdays Dresden Eclipse Indigo demo camp, I ended up with a couple of thoughts in my mind, both related to the technologies demonstrated there, and related to how to make meaningful use of them in a real-world environment. Overally, this demo camp event mainly was dominated by topics related to modeling tools and concepts on top of Eclipse technology – hardly a surprise knowing that itemis, the

umbrellas // screens

Soundtrack: Cloudkicker – ‚States‘ (off the incredible ‚The discovery‘ album. Hard to say anything witty about this picture, maybe it’s just another moment captured in some way…


Soundtrack: Halgrath – „Spiral Path“ (off the „Liquid Mind“ album available for free download via ambientaria records). Eventually the opposite to the previous picture. Again structures rising to the skies, yet way more organic, this time, way more natural, way more transient.


Soundtrack: Earlyguard – „Solitary Moon“. More urban reflections, buildings ascending into city skies, a geometry seeming so much simpler than patterns of nature…

jython in webapps and better scripting support

For quite a while now we’ve been using Jython, a (re-)implementation of the Python programming language that runs on top of the Java VM and along the lines of JSR-223 (Scripting for the Java Platform), in our environment to deal with some use cases which addressed way easier using a scripting language than, in example, using Java code inside a webapp. However, so far our integration left a lot to