music to code to, #1: noisy psilosophy

In course of finding music to listen to while working through my evenings recently, a while ago I discovered, an astounding site providing wagon loads of legally downloadable EPs, singles and full length albums mainly featuring more or less unknown bands playing all kinds of music from dark / gothic rock to more extreme metal. And, as I managed to come up with quite some discoveries this way, I felt like outlining a few of them here…


Starting with Psilocybe, a rather impressive band from Poland. “Psilosophy”, their self-released debut album, features progressive, technical, complex death metal on an astoundingly high level both talking about songwriting and about overall musical skills of the people involved. While mostly being rather harsh, powerful, balancing between energy, complexity and, at times, dissonance, all the eight tracks on this album (which sum up to about 37 minutes playing time) are yet highly original, live off a bunch of rather effective musical ideas (arrangements, vocals, overall song structure) and make it hard to compare Psilocybe to most of the other bands active in this field of music. Somewhere I read having them put a bit closer to Gorguts which, even though not completely right in my opinion, is quite a big comparison. And still… I am tempted to say the Psilocybe guys definitely are up to this. So if bands like Gorguts, maybe at times also later Sadus albums, are something you can pretty well live with, you definitely should get this album. It’s definitely worth it, both being played as loud as possible and being listened to via headphones while writing code. And yes, it also works without even being close to any kind of mushrooms, despite the name. 😉

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  1. thanks so very much for this really helpful link !