Dezember 2009

„Hooking“ a Spring Java application

I’ve been looking at the implementation / support of the concept of aspect-oriented programming in Spring for quite a while now, unsure to see a meaningful use of it (except for logging and caching, maybe). But maybe viewpoints like this generally grow out of lack of simple, straightforward examples close to ones day-to-day life. So, recently I looked at it again and found something to indeed use it for: Extend

winter comes

Soundtrack: Covenant – „Winter Comes“ … seeing the snow quietly cover the world surrounding our office building…

Java EE „bulk update“: NetBeans 6.8, Glassfish V3, Java EE 6

„Get Tomorrow Today“ is what, these days, one can read while visiting the NetBeans web site. Well. Indeed. Today, a major update of Suns Java (Enterprise) environment for development, deployment, runtime has been released: First of all, NetBeans IDE has bumped up its version number to 6.8, including (not too much of a surprise, I guess…) seamless and production-ready support for Java EE 6 and Glassfish v3, along with improved